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With over 25 years of experience and expertise, our instructors have mastered the art of DJing. Now it's time to give back! Naturally creative DJ's are confident DJ and we  are out to transform the music community by fostering this ideology.

We are committed to the ongoing development of your DJ career. Whether you are just beginning or a skilled professional, Record Rockers DJ Academy, has a program personally tailored to you.

Being able to creatively percieve the world in new ways is an essential life skill that is needed in moving ahead. We are commited that you gain this valuable skill and be naturally creative!





3914 Smith St.

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We also DJ for weddings, parties, and corporate events!



Cutting-edge DJ courses for every person of any age and especially any 


Learn to mix, scratch and remix music while developing your


Master your skills with those who engage in like minded


We work with Youth

There are a lot of kids who don't know how to channel the creative genius inside of them and end up wasting hours being bored and investing into things like video games. We divert this energy to something more positive and build their confidence through being a DJ.

Music has many mediums in which you can express yourself, you aren't just limited to piano or violin lessons for your kids. Give them something they can relate to and sign them up.

  • Foundational beginning Programs 
  • Each Level is 6 Weeks Long
  • Meetings are 90 Minutes of curriculum
  • Meet Twice a week for coaching Session plus Lab time
  • Focus on Foundational DJ techniques and Music
  • Student will graduate with confidence and ability to DJ

Each Level is 495 payable prior to Beginning you level

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Harness your own potential

If your work contributes to the lives of others, but you never seem to have enough time to explore your own creativity, it can be extremely disheartening. Not only does your heart ache because you're not fully discovering your talents, but you also don't get to express your creativity with confidence.

Why not give Djing a try? Djing is much more than just scratching and mixing, it's the ability to have confidence in your own expression and artistic flair.




Name: Ethan

Age: 10

"Record Rockers Dj Academy has taught me lots, why learn one instrument when you can learn to mix all of them"


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Record Rockers Wedding DJ

Love your music

Record Rockes

It all started when...
love made its way into your life. We have over 25 years of event experience. In our experience there are three things that every guest remembers on that special day, how beautiful the bride was, how great the food was, and how bad the DJ sounded. Unfortunately not every DJ is experienced when it comes to such a special event. Having a wide range of experience allows an experienced DJ to incorporate every guest into the entertainment making your special day remarkable. 
Book a free consultation with a professional to discover how spectacular your special day can be!
  • Meet with a professional DJ coordinator 

  • Find out what you want and don't want

  • create and plan your special day together

  • Communicate any Changes or Musical needs prior to Event

  • Show up Early and on Time 

  • Professional equipment and Look

  • Professional Master of Ceremony

  • All Lighting and Sound needs.




  • How Much are courses? - We offer a range of packages suited for everyone.  For more information please send an email to: or fill out the CONTACT form
  • How long are courses? Courses are based on packages purchased. 6 sessions or 14 session packages. 
  • What is your refund policy ? - We do not offer refunds but your prepaid courses are good within 1 year of purchase.
  • What ages can take a course? 9 years and older need to be accompanied by adult and 18 and older for any course.